Chapter 15 Self Quiz: Marine Ecosystems

  1. A solution with a pH lower than 7 is called a(n)
    1. oil (wrong)
    2. acid (correct)
    3. base (wrong)
    4. milk (wrong)
    5. salt (wrong)
  2. The increase in atmospheric CO2 can lead to
    1. more CO2 in oceans (wrong)
    2. more carbonic acid in oceans (wrong)
    3. more hydrogen ions in oceans (wrong)
    4. interference with shell making of aquatic organisms (wrong)
    5. all of the above (correct)
  3. Which marine ecosystem is found in clear, shallow water in tropical regions, and formed from the calcium carbonate skeletons of generations of animals?
    1. coral reef (correct)
    2. estuary (wrong)
    3. open ocean (wrong)
    4. hadal zone (wrong)
    5. intertidal zone (wrong)
  4. A marine ecosystem found in the epipelagic zone and reaching depths of 200 m. is
    1. hadal zone (wrong)
    2. intertidal zone (wrong)
    3. coral reef (wrong)
    4. estuary (wrong)
    5. open ocean (correct)