College of DuPage Biology 1110 Syllabus: Fall 2013 (Adult Fast Track)

Section AFT02. Lecture Tue 6:00-8:00PM HSC1309, Lab Tue 8:15-9:50PM
Instructor: Peter ChenOffice hours: HSC 1235 before/after class
Mailbox: HSC 1235Phone: 630-942-8332 before/after class
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Course Description:
Environmental Biology: 4 credits (3 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)
An interdisciplinary study of the environment investigating how nature works and how things are interconnected. Based on an understanding of ecological concepts and principles, students examine lifestyle issues and critically analyze the relationship among population, natural resources, land use, agriculture, biodiversity, industrialization and pollution. Environmental problems are examined from scientific, ethical, economic and sociological perspectives to enable students to understand the relevance of biology to contemporary issues in human society.

Prerequisites: Reading Placement Test Score-Category One.

Required Textbooks:
Houtman, Karr, Interlandi. Environmental Science for a Changing World, 2013.
•   Petersen, Randa, Carnahan, Sandiford. Activities in Environmental Sciences, 2013.

Adult Fast Track:
This is an accelerated program that expects significant out-of-class preparation and self-study. Class time will be devoted primarily to review and discussion of assigned readings. See the Fast Track page at for details.

Lectures and Labs:
Attendance for lectures are awarded 5 points per lecture, upon completion of assigned work; 40 points are deducted for each absence. Points may also be deducted for tardiness, leaving early, or missed assignments. Lab participation is required; up to 30 points are deducted for missed labs. There is no makeup for missed labs.

There will be 2 tests, 200 points each. Makeup tests must be taken by the next lecture class; otherwise a score of 0 will be recorded for that test. No makeup for the final lecture test. A total of 6 quizzes is planned. The quizzes are given at the beginning of each class and covers chapters assigned that day. Quizzes are 20 points each, with the lowest score of the 6 dropped. There will be 1 lab final exam, 170 points. No makeups are available for quizzes or labs.
2 tests: 200 pts each400
6 quizzes: 20 pts each100
1 lab final exam: 170 pts each170
Attendance (6 classes)30
A (90%)630
B (80%)560
C (70%)490
D (60%)420
F (<60%)<420

Grades and Tests:
Blackboard will not be used for any purpose in this course except for posting the initial assignment. The class web site will provide access to your grades and online tests; you need to setup a login to access these. Tests are closed-book. I will try to grade tests as soon as possible, so we can review them before moving on. If you miss a test, you need to make it up before the next lecture session.

Study Aids:
Lecture and lab outlines are posted on the class web site. Additional aids include brief study guides and self quizzes.

Homework and Assignments:
You have homework assignment for every lecture: read the assigned material before coming to class. Write a one-page summary on the lead story from one of the chapters and submit this electronically. Expect a short quiz at the beginning of every class on the assigned chapters.

Initial assignment: complete the initial assignment before coming to the first class session.

Extra Credit:
Extra credit reading material will be provided; you can earn up to 4 extra credit points by writing a one-page report on the reading and giving a brief in-class presentation, up to a total of 20 points.

Withdrawal Policy:
The deadline to withdraw from class is Tuesday, 11/26. After that date, students may file a Petition for Late Withdrawal through the Registration Office. Petitions for Late Withdrawal will be granted for extenuating circumstances only, including student illness, family emergencies, call to active duty, or other extenuating circumstances. The student will be required to provide appropriate documentation for all requests for Late Withdrawal. Prior to withdrawing from this class, students are encouraged to speak with the instructor.

Incomplete Policy:
An Incomplete grade may be given at my discretion only for emergency situations. A "Contract for Incomplete Grade" will indicate the work required and a deadline date. A grade of F will be given if the requirements are not satisfied by the deadline.

Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty:
All books, notes, and electronic devices should be removed from your table when taking quizzes and tests. Cheating or plagiarism will result in a score of 0. See COD policies on Academic Integrity and Student Code of Conduct

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this class, or about your career here at College of DuPage and beyond.

Contents of this syllabus are subject to change at the instructor's discretion.

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