Chapter 30 Self Quiz: Managing Solid Waste

  1. The three main strategies to minimize the amount of waste are
    1. incinerate, separate, disintegrate (wrong)
    2. burn, baby, burn (wrong)
    3. drill, baby, drill (wrong)
    4. reduce, reuse, recycle (correct)
    5. buy, use, toss (wrong)
  2. Green materials for composting should include the following EXCEPT:
    1. grass clippings (wrong)
    2. green leaves (wrong)
    3. tea leaves (wrong)
    4. livestock manure (wrong)
    5. pet waste (correct)
  3. Incineration of waste makes use of the following EXCEPT
    1. steam (wrong)
    2. turbines (wrong)
    3. combustion chamber (wrong)
    4. cooling towers (correct)
    5. filters (wrong)
  4. Industrial ecology seeks to
    1. promote green roofs (wrong)
    2. reduce and reuse waste among industries (correct)
    3. incinerate industrial waste (wrong)
    4. restore ecosystems in industrial parks (wrong)
    5. introduce natural predators like wolves in industrial parks (wrong)
  5. The four R's of environmentally responsible consumer choice starts with
    1. refuse (correct)
    2. reduce (wrong)
    3. reuse (wrong)
    4. recycle (wrong)
    5. remove (wrong)