Chapter 26 Self Quiz: Climate Change

  1. Since mid-20th century, global average temperatures have
    1. increased about 3°C (wrong)
    2. increased about 1°C (correct)
    3. decreased about 3°C (wrong)
    4. decreased about 1°C (wrong)
    5. stayed the same (wrong)
  2. The greenhouse effect is caused by excess ________ in the atmosphere.
    1. nitrogen (wrong)
    2. CFC (wrong)
    3. ozone (wrong)
    4. CO2 (correct)
    5. DDT (wrong)
  3. Albedo change can accelerate glacial ice melt due to a
    1. negative feedback loop (wrong)
    2. positive feedback loop (correct)
    3. freeze-thaw cycle (wrong)
    4. sunspot cycle (wrong)
    5. tidal cycle (wrong)
  4. The Milankovitch cycles consist of
    1. ascension, dissension, declination (wrong)
    2. axial precession, axial tilt, orbit eccentricity (correct)
    3. location, location, location (wrong)
    4. obsession, succession, opacity (wrong)
    5. adhesion, cohesion, depression (wrong)
  5. Historic atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been obtained from
    1. ice cores (correct)
    2. dinosaur fossils (wrong)
    3. fossil fuel data (wrong)
    4. carbon footprints (wrong)
    5. carbon isotopes (wrong)
  6. Global environmental effects due to climate change include the following EXCEPT:
    1. melting of glacial ice (wrong)
    2. sea level rise (wrong)
    3. changes in precipitation patterns (wrong)
    4. more severe storms (wrong)
    5. cooler summers (correct)
  7. Melting sea ice has recently opened up the
    1. Northwest Passage (correct)
    2. Panama Canal (wrong)
    3. Erie Canal (wrong)
    4. Hudson Bay Canal (wrong)
    5. Saint Lawrence Seaway (wrong)