Chapter 8 Self Quiz: Population Ecology

  1. Prey animals such as elk may huddle together in a ________ distribution.
    1. clumped (correct)
    2. uniform (wrong)
    3. sparse (wrong)
    4. matrix (wrong)
    5. abnormal (wrong)
  2. An r-selected species possesses which reproductive strategy?
    1. high biotic potential, short lifespan (correct)
    2. high biotic potential, long lifespan (wrong)
    3. low biotic potential, short lifespan (wrong)
    4. low biotic potential, long lifespan (wrong)
    5. low biotic potential, late maturity (wrong)
  3. In this diagram illustrating boom-and-bust cycles, the horizontal K line represents
    1. birth rate (wrong)
    2. death rate (wrong)
    3. growth rate (wrong)
    4. biotic potential (wrong)
    5. carrying capacity (correct)
  4. The gray wolf is a ________ species in Yellowstone; its absence or presence is a key factor on the diversity of the whole ecosystem.
    1. keystone (correct)
    2. milestone (wrong)
    3. conductor (wrong)
    4. producer (wrong)
    5. director (wrong)
  5. When wolves were re-introduced into Yellowstone, the following happened, EXCEPT:
    1. more beavers (wrong)
    2. more birds (wrong)
    3. more elk (correct)
    4. more wetlands (wrong)
    5. more willows (wrong)