Chapter 7 Self Quiz: Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycling

  1. A group of individuals of the same species in one region comprise a(n)
    1. ecosystem (wrong)
    2. biome (wrong)
    3. population (correct)
    4. community (wrong)
    5. habitat (wrong)
  2. Which biome is characterized by moderate rain and high temperatures?
    1. tundra (wrong)
    2. boreal forest (wrong)
    3. temperate forest (wrong)
    4. temperate grassland (wrong)
    5. mediterranean scrub (correct)
  3. Energy use in ecosystems can best described as
    1. flowing in one direction (correct)
    2. cycling through organisms (wrong)
    3. cycling through abiotic components (wrong)
    4. created by organisms (wrong)
    5. created by abiotic components (wrong)
  4. During photosynthesis,
    1. producers use up CO2 (correct)
    2. consumers use up CO2 (wrong)
    3. producers use up sugar (wrong)
    4. consumers use up sugar (wrong)
    5. consumers produce sugar (wrong)
  5. Which of the following removes CO2 from the atmosphere in the carbon cycle?
    1. producers only (correct)
    2. consumers only (wrong)
    3. decomposers only (wrong)
    4. consumers and decomposers (wrong)
    5. producers, consumers, and decomposers (wrong)
  6. Nitrogen is is needed to make
    1. sugars (wrong)
    2. energy (wrong)
    3. proteins (correct)
    4. carbon (wrong)
    5. oxygen (wrong)