Chapter 2 Self Quiz: Science Literacy and the Process of Science

  1. Oxygen gas (O2) can absorb almost all ________ rays in the stratosphere to form Ozone (O3).
    1. UV-A (wrong)
    2. UV-B (wrong)
    3. UV-C (correct)
    4. UV-D (wrong)
    5. UV-E (wrong)
  2. A prediction should be
    1. used to form hypotheses (wrong)
    2. used to form observations (wrong)
    3. falsifiable (correct)
    4. easily proven (wrong)
    5. non-testable (wrong)
  3. A theory is
    1. an educated guess about the solution to a scientific problem (wrong)
    2. a well-tested explanation for observations (correct)
    3. a good speculation about the answer to a question (wrong)
    4. a test of a hypothesis (wrong)
    5. a proven concept in science (wrong)